Sleeves, ducts, short hoses and variations on these basic shapes are a natural for Rishon brand material. Whether using standard convoluted or our proprietary “z-volute” design, we can make flexible ducting far easier to install and gain significant improvement in axial motion as well.

Electrical conductivity

While rishon brand material is completely non-conductive, our parts can easily be made conductive by adding very light weight strips of metal mesh. The 1/4 ” strips are buried within the part, leaving only contact points open at strategic intervals. This technique ensures a flexible, conductive part with very little weight gain. Our metal couplings become conductive by simply making the seals conductive–no heavy additional parts need be added to the coupling itself.


Reducing heat is another specialty area for RCF. Using a variety of techniques, temperature drops as extreme as 600 degrees F over .090″ have been achieved. Configurations include blankets, boots, honeycomb replacements and other special shapes.

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