Rishon® Material

RCF Technologies Rishon® MaterialRishon is a homogeneous material that before processing consists of our proprietary high temp silicon base material and a standard fiberglass mesh in most cases.Rishon has 5 Major Attributes above and beyond what is on the market today for standard composites:Rishon’s 1st Major Attribute:

  • In enclosed applications, Rishon operates from -170ºF (-112.2ºC) — 850ºF (454.4ºC) continuously.
  • Seals only require approximately 6-8% squeeze, as opposed to the standard 18-20% for rubber, thereby extending the life roughly 30 times.

Rishon’s 2nd Major Attribute:

  • Rishon is an FAA approved Fire Barrier in thickness’ as low as .037”.
  • Rishon meets all the criteria of Advisory Circular 20-135 for 15 minutes of direct contact with a 2000ºF (1093.3ºC) flame with no backside penetration.

Rishon’s 3rd Major Attribute:

  • Rishon bonds to all metals and most composites using the parent material in the B stage as the adhesive.
  • 3 minutes at 300ºF (148.8ºC) is all the heat that is required.

Rishon’s 4th Major Attribute:

  • Rishon is compatible with almost all fluids on an aircraft.
  • Rishon has withstood 4 week and 2 week soaks in most fuels, aviation fluids, cleaners and deicers with no degradation of the material.
  • When swell is an issue Rishon can be coated with Fluorosilicone to prevent fluid permeation.

Rishon’s 5th Major Attribute:

  • Rishon is a low modulus material, so it also absorbs both sound and vibration.
  • This makes RCF the perfect candidate to handle any of your vibration isolating needs.
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