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RCF HISTORY RCF Seals & Couplings, Inc was founded in 1975 by Jack M. Kramer, with the intention of designing and selling seals, couplings, ducting and gaskets to the commercial aviation industry. Kramer was aware of a specific sealing problem on the Boeing 747 aircraft, and had developed a unique design to solve that problem. The success of the design was based on two major innovations: first, a new, proprietary silicone/fiberglass composite material and second, a patented seal design. By 1980 RCF seals were to be found on most major air carriers and had developed a reputation for good quality and for engineering problem-solving.RCF’s name was changed in 1997 to RCF Technologies, Inc to reflect the change in the types of parts we supply. Our niche now includes most high temperature applications (bleed air, APU, anti-icing, etc). Light weight metal couplings, clamps, isolation mounts flexible connectors and sealant tapes have also been added. Insulation and electrically conductive parts are the latest developments in our arsenal of parts.As of 2009, RCF began marketing to the high-performance racing industry. The problems of heat, weight and performance apply much as they do to aerospace, and our reception into this market has been rapid and exciting. As always, RCF is dedicated to maintaining its unique position in industry through on-going development of state-of-the-art materials and products. Dianne Zimnavoda CEO & PresidentMs. Zimnavoda has worked with RCF since its inception in 1975. There is no aspect of the business that she has not been involved with. Under her leadership, the company moved from a gross income of only $750,000 to over $3 million.Ms. Zimnavoda has long been committed to customer service, and to giving her employees every opportunity to improve their skills, their responsibilities and their positions within the company.As President of the local Boys and Girls Club, Ms. Zimnavoda stands behind her commitment to community, to the future of the country, and to the need for personal involvement in readying the next generation of our leaders and our workforce for their eventual places in society.  Ms. Zimnavoda has 6 children, 10 grandchildren to date and has been married for 43 years.

Jack Kramer

Mr. Kramer’s designs and patents have changed the course of many aerospace components such as seals, convoluted ducting and insulated parts. The material he developed, Rishon® brand composite, has ennabled his creative and unique designs to reach optimal results for our customers.

Mr. Kramer’s work history includes stints at Aerojet General and American Standard High Technology Division. In every case, Mr. Kramer’s contributions were uniquely suited to the situations at hand. Applications guide Mr. Kramer’s design efforts and he strives in all cases to resolve problems that other materials and designs cannot address.

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