In ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems, ducts are passageways—i.e., conduits—used to deliver and remove air within the system and surrounding environment. In addition to acting as a channel for air return, air supply, and air exhaust, they help maintain the quality of the air and thermal comfort of the area.

Ducting is available in a variety of forms, each of which is suitable for different applications. For example, designers and contractors generally use flexible ducting over rigid ducting in applications that involve irregularly shaped workspaces. The size and material of the ducting employed are also largely dependent on the requirements and restrictions of the application. Ductwork that must endure high temperature environments requires source material that is appropriate for its intended use, such as exotic metals or RCF’s Rishon® material.

Ducting for High Temperature Applications

In the aerospace industry, there are a wide range of high temperature applications that require specialized ducting to ensure safe operation. As aircraft experience both low and high pressures, the ducting employed must be designed to suit the appropriate conditions.

Some examples of high pressure ducting applications include the following:

  • Auxiliary power unit (APU) air intake and exhaust systems
  • Engine bleed air systems
  • Engine starter duct systems
  • Environmental control systems (ECS)
  • Thermal anti-ice systems

For high temperature applications, ducting manufacturers often use high temperature metals, such as titanium and stainless steel. However, RCF’s proprietary material—Rishon—is also highly suitable for ducting use cases such as those listed above due to its numerous material advantages, including:

  • Heat and flame insulation properties
  • Broad operating temperature range of -170°F to +850°F
  • FAA-approved fire barrier properties
  • Suitability for environments that contain a significant risk of chemical damage


Rishon Ducting

At RCF, we offer flexible and rigid ducting that features:

  • A proprietary Z-volute design that may eliminate the need for separate left and right versions
  • Easy installation
  • Improved axial motion
  • Broad customization options, depending on the requirements of the project

Besides its superior heat insulation and fireproofing properties, Rishon ducting also offers:

  • Noise and vibration absorption
  • Quick vulcanization (approximately three minutes)
  • Low outgassing
  • Conductivity
  • Compatibility with virtually any aircraft fluid on the market today

Although we are well-known for our focus on the aerospace, automotive, marine, and defense industries, our ducting is not confined to use in these industries. In general, our products find application across a broad range of markets.

Ducting Solutions from RCF Technologies

At RCF Technologies, we are an industry-leading supplier of high-performance components. In addition to our flexible and rigid ducting, we also offer an extensive catalog of metal connectors and O-ring replacements. For all of our products, our team of design and manufacturing experts incorporates practical and innovative designs to provide customers with the best solution for the unique needs of their application.

Customers who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Quality products
  • World-class customer service
  • Made in the USA guarantee

To learn more about our ducting or other product offerings, contact us today.
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