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AEROSPACE SUPPLY CHAIN 101 The aerospace supply chain is quite complex. This should come as no surprise given that there are between 2 and 6 million parts that must be assembled in order to successfully build various types of aircraft. With so many components and materials involved, each supplier must fulfill its role in order […]

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What Can Be Expected When Buying Customized And Handmade Products?

What Can Be Expected When Buying Customized and Handmade Products? BY PAULIE ROSE Customization vs. Handmade The concept of customization has been adopted by many businesses over the last few decades. It was incorporated to promote exclusivity. Customized products were a status symbol, a vehicle to make consumers with massive budgets feel special. Handmade products, […]

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High Temp, Fireproof, Flexible Material: Rishon® vs. Rubber

Rubber Rubber is an essential material used in several industries. Rubber has played an important role throughout the development of human civilization and continues to be of great importance today.  The use of rubber is so significant that the global market size of rubber stood at USD 40.77 Billion in 2019 and is projected to […]

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What Are Fireproof Gaskets?

Fireproof Gaskets Combustion requires three elements: heat, combustible material, and oxygen. Combined, they contribute to the sequence of reactions that cause incineration:  Pyrolysis. This process occurs when a combustible material like plastic begins to soften and decompose under temperatures that exceed its thermal resistance capabilities. The decomposition of the material produces flammable gases (chain fragments […]

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Benefits of High-Temperature Materials in Aviation

High-temperature materials are critical to aviation applications. Aircraft engines can reach temperatures as high as 2100°C, and vehicles at high altitudes are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. To ensure safe and reliable operation, aircraft equipment and components must be capable of withstanding these temperatures, as well as high pressure, corrosion, vibrations, and impact. Fortunately, with […]

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