Standard gaskets are stamped from our own sheet stock in any thickness and configuration. Gaskets can be bonded to metal plates, to other materials or designed to be removable.

Customized gaskets designed to meet customer needs are an integral part of RCF’s expertise. These include shim gaskets and single fastener fire wall plumbing.

Our shim gasket offers solutions to areas having narrow gaps, high pressure, many bolt holes or any other situation causing extrusion or blow out of gaskets.  Rishon gaskets have been used to replace brittle materials such as graphite and graphoil, as well as high temperature materials like asbestos. By using a 1 to 10 mil shim, faced with a single ply of Rishon brand material on either side, no extrusion or blow out is possible. In effect, it has the strength of a metal gasket but the sealing properties of rubber.

Another specialty gasket offered by RCF is our single-fastener gasket used for plumbing firewalls. The overlapped split gives the user a completely fireproof seal while allowing easy access to the wire bundles or tubes being used. Single fastener access minimizes weight.