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Since 1975, RCF Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of customized seals, gaskets, couplings, and other products. Our world-class customer service, attention to detail, and prompt delivery of high-quality products have all contributed to our strong reputation within the manufacturing field. We work with customers across a diverse set of industries, including the following:


Our standard and custom products are available in a range of different thicknesses, configurations, and construction materials. RCF offers the following properties in all of our products. These properties include:

  • Longer Life
  • High temperature
  • Insulation

All of these properties are found in our O-ring replacements, reusable gaskets, and engine seals among other products.


We serve many clients in the industrial sector with a range of durable, high-performance products.

These products include:

  • O-ring replacements
  • Metal connectors
  • Insulation
  • Gaskets

As always, all of our properties apply to all of our products.


We offer high-quality products—such as couplings, gaskets, and seals—designed to withstand rigorous operating demands and working environments. These qualities allow them to accommodate the harsh requirements of the marine industry. For example, our couplings can function in temperatures ranging from -170°F to +850°F, while our proprietary Rishon® material is completely resistant to salt spray, fungus, and exposure to the atmosphere. This material also performs as a full fire barrier.


Over 90% of our customers come from the aerospace industry, which often demands strict operating and performance requirements from its suppliers. By leveraging Rishon, we are able to meet these demands. This material offers:

  • Resistance to chemicals often employed in aviation or aerospace applications, such as diesel, jet fuel, and other critical fluids
  • Exceptional heat and flame insulation properties in material thicknesses as low as 0.05″
  • Maintenance of structural integrity under extremely cold or hot temperatures and high or low pressures
  • FAA-approved fire barrier properties in thicknesses as low as 0.027″

Our ducting products made from Rishon are suitable for a variety of aerospace applications, including use in:

  • Auxiliary power unit (APU) air intake and exhaust systems
  • Engine bleed air systems
  • Engine starter duct systems
  • Environmental control systems (ECS)
  • Thermal anti-ice systems


Advanced medical equipment requires the integration of highly customized mechanical parts in order to function properly. Heat issues are becoming ever more prevalent as medical equipment becomes more efficient. Our seals, gaskets, couplings, and other products can be tailored to fit the exact specifications that a client in the medical sector requires. We can design our Rishon seals to be either non-conductive or conductive, depending on the needs of the application.

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While we specialize in serving the aerospace, automotive, industrial, marine, and medical markets, our products are not confined to applications in these industries. The team at RCF Technologies works with each customer, regardless of their industry, to determine the precise parameters of their project and designs and delivers a high-quality solution that meets their needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how we serve your industry or how we can benefit your next project, contact us today.


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