Rishon® Material

Rishon® material pushes the capabilities of rubber into the realm of composites by combining the properties of fabrics and elastomers into a single, homogeneous whole. By forcing RCF’s proprietary elastomer through the weave of the selected fabric, an entirely new material is achieved, with different properties than either of the parent materials.

Temperature Range:

  • Rishon material operates from -170ºF (-112.2ºC) to +850ºF (454.4ºC) continuously.

Fire Proof:

  • Rishon material meets all the criteria of Advisory Circular 20-135 for 15 minutes of direct contact with a 2000ºF (1093.3ºC) flame with no backside penetration.
  • Rishon material is an FAA approved Fire Barrier in thicknesses as low as .027”.

Chemical Compatibility:

  • Rishon material operates without degrading in numerous chemical environments which range from Skydrol to jet fuels to diesel fluid.
  • Rishon material is compatible with almost all fluids on an aircraft.


  • Rishon material bonds to all metals and most composites using the parent material in the B stage as the adhesive.
  • Vulcanization can be achieved in 3 minutes at 300ºF with no clean up, no adhesives, and no humidity requirements.

Sound and Vibration:

  • Rishon material is a low modulus material, so it also absorbs both sound and vibration.


  • RishonX material can become a heat and/or flame insulator in thicknesses as low as .050”. RCF insulation can be employed by bonding directly to metal ducting or it can be manufactured integrally into flexible ducting and other products for maximum flexibility and minimum weight.

Electrical Conductivity:

  • Rishon material is inherently non-conductive, but can become electrically conductive while remaining flexible with almost no added weight.

Low Outgassing:

  • Rishon material has been determined to outgas far less than the strict NASA requirements for space use even in vacuum conditions.


We also supply a version of the Rishon composite in Fluorosilicone

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