RCF metal connectors offer light weight, flexible, easy to install variations. The couplings consist of a housing, two seals, two split rings and two end caps. No tools are needed to install or remove. The couplings are designed to slip over a standard MS33660 beaded tube. The split ring acts as a ball joint against the bead, giving our couplings a minimum misalignment capability of 5 degrees per side.  The lightweight connectors are usually provided in 17-7 stainless, giving them a good weight to strength ratio, but may be provided in aluminum or titanium as well.

A detent on the latch prevents over-stretching the spring, while the use of our high temperature material for the seal ensures a broad temperature range.

RCF customers may design their own coupling – the length and configuration of the housing, the diameter and the type of latch can all be specified as needed.

High pressure variants, snap ring closures and straight sleeve couplings are also available.

Our metal connectors can also be insulated during the manufacturing process.