Couplings—also referred to as connectors—are mechanical devices used to join and hold two components, such as shafts, tubes, or pipes together. In addition to their primary function of connecting components they may also be utilized for:

  • Ensuring proper alignment
  • Introducing mechanical flexibility to allow for misalignment and movement on either end
  • Providing protection against backlash, shock, vibration, and overload

Couplings find application in a variety of equipment across a wide range of industries and have several types available, each of which vary in design, capabilities and best use cases. For example, hydraulic couplings see use in critical fluid transfer and processing machinery, while pneumatic couplings are often used for heated and pressurized air.


General Features of RCF Couplings

RCF couplings vary in size, material, pressure rating, and end port depending on the requirements and restrictions of the application. They can feature a ball joint which allows for additional movement, quick connect/disconnect capabilities and are suitable for general-purpose and industrial use. RCF couplings are specially designed to withstand rigorous operating demands and harsh working environments, such as high temps.


What Makes Couplings From RCF Technologies Different?

At RCF Technologies, we offer lightweight and flexible metal couplings that match and/or exceed the performance provided by coupling products from our competitors. When using our couplings, customers benefit from:

  • A simpler design—consisting of a housing, two seals, two splits rings, and two end caps—that facilitates assembly/disassembly, installation, and use
  • Greater misalignment capabilities (minimum of 5° per side compared to the industry standard of 3°)
  • Broader construction material options including 17-7 stainless steel (which offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio), aluminum or titanium.
  • Lightweight, electrically conductive versions, as required

Rishon®, RCF’s proprietary material offers a number of unique manufacturing and performance benefits, such as:

  • Superb operating temperature ranges of -170 degrees F to +850 degrees
  • FAA-approved fire barrier in thicknesses as low as .037 inches
  • Heat or flame insulation in thicknesses as low as .050 inches

Our couplings require no tools for installation or removal and are available in high-pressure, snap ring closure, and straight sleeve coupling variants upon request. We also provide customization capabilities for the coupling’s housing length and configuration, diameter, and latch type. These options allow our customers to tailor their couplings to their unique needs.

Although 90% of the customer base for our couplings comes from the aerospace industry, our couplings are suitable for use in a variety of other industries as well, including:

  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • General industrial
  • Marine


Couplings from RCF Technologies

At RCF Technologies, we design and manufacture high-quality, high-performance components for a wide range of industries, including metal couplings. By leveraging our proprietary material—Rishon®—we produce couplings with exceptional fire resistance, chemical compatibility, and long life.

To learn more about our couplings or other thermal insulation product solutions, contact us today.