At RCF Technologies, we offer custom-manufactured seals made from our proprietary composite material—Rishon®. Our team created Rishon by combining the properties of fabrics and elastomers into a single material. This unique blending of characteristics affords Rishon users access to material properties separate from either parent material. For example, when used for seals, Rishon allows for broader operational temperature ranges, chemical compatibilities, sound and vibration absorption, heat insulation, and electrical conductivity.

Seals Made of Rishon Material

Our seals demonstrate a host of unique properties that benefit a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Broad operational temperature range. Rishon seals are especially suited to high-temperature applications. The material is fully compatible with operating temperatures ranging from -170°F to +850°F while demonstrating little to no thermal changes. These qualities allow users to maintain operation in extreme environments.
  • Rishon material meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards for fire barriers in thicknesses as low as .027 inches. Additionally, it fulfills all Advisory Circular 20-135 criteria for up to 15 minutes of direct contact with 2000°F flames.
  • Chemical compatibility. Rishon material maintains its integrity after exposure to a wide array of chemicals, such as diesel, jet fuel, and other fluids typical of aircraft applications.
  • Heat and flame insulation. Rishon seals serve as effective heat and flame insulators in material thicknesses as low as .050 inches.
  • Electrical conductivity/nonconductivity. Rishon seals are non-conductive, making them ideal for use in critical aerospace and engine applications. Rishon seals can also be designed to be electrically conductive with almost no additional weight.

Thermal Seal

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At RCF Technologies, we design and manufacture components out of our proprietary material—Rishon—for a wide range of industries. By partnering and consulting closely with our customers, our team builds optimal, high-quality solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

To learn more about how we leverage Rishon to create custom thermal seal and gasket solutions, contact us today. Send us your environment, envelope, and performance requirements, and our knowledgeable engineers will address any questions or concerns and assist you through the design and manufacturing stages.
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