RCF manufactures numerous types of seals, including radial, bulb, “C”, “P” and “D” configurations, omega seals and many others. Both static and dynamic seals work well in this material.

The unique features of our seals include the shape of a standard radial seal such as an “O” ring replacement. Our cross-section is rectangular, not round. This allows the seal to fit into any groove and energize with only around 6% squeeze as opposed to 18 to 20% for a typical rubber seal. This feature translates directly into longer life — from 20 to 40 times longer. Compression set has never been a problem for RCF seals.  In more than 40 years of service, RCF seals have never taken a set in service, even at elevated temperatures. The seals stretch just like a rubber O-ring and fit into exactly the same grooves.  Plus, our seals require no special tools to install or remove – easy installation is a hallmark of every RCF part!

RCF material bonds easily to metal, making retainers, rings, mesh screens and other components an integral part of the unit. RCF can either use customer supplied metal or produce the metal ourselves to meet you requirements.

RCF engineers will work with you to optimize seal design for each application.
Send us the environment, the envelope and the desired performance and we will supply you with some alternatives to do the job.