At RCF Technologies, we developed a proprietary elastomer—Rishon®—that combines the properties of fabric and elastomer into a single composite material. Compared to other elastomers available in the market, Rishon offers superior performance, durability, and longevity in extreme conditions. These qualities make it particularly useful for industries with demanding operating and environmental requirements, such as the aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, and petrochemical industries. 

Some of the key properties of Rishon include: 

  • Broad operating temperature range: -170º F (-112.2º C) to 850º F (454.4º C)
  • Fireproofing: FAA-approved fire barrier in thicknesses of .037 inches
  • Chemical compatibility: resists degradation when exposed to volatile chemicals, such as aircraft fuels and hydraulic fluids
  • Quick and easy vulcanization: bonds to all metals and most composites with vulcanization achievable in three minutes (at 300º F)
  • Absorption and insulation: absorbs sound and vibration and insulates against heat and flame
  • Electrical conductivity: easily accommodates conductive formulations without losing flexibility or gaining significant weight
  • Low outgassing: exceeds NASA standards for space use, even in vacuum conditions

Among others, the above properties are what make Rishon well-suited for meeting some of the most demanding industrial requirements and restrictions. The following list details a few common applications of this unique elastomer. 

Engine Bleed Air Systems

Engine bleed air serves many different purposes, including air conditioning, anti-icing engine and wing components, cabin pressurization, engine ignition, and water and hydraulic system pressurization. It is produced when air enters the aircraft’s turbine engine and passes through a series of compressors, which raise its temperature and pressure levels. A portion of the heated and pressurized air flows from the engine to other areas of the aircraft for various purposes—as mentioned above—through a system of valves, ducts, and manifolds. 

As bleed air plays a significant role in the operation of many critical aerospace systems, it is important to ensure the air diverts properly from the engine. Any leaks of the hot and pressurized air can lead to a system malfunctioning, overheating, or catching fire. For this reason, Rishon is an ideal material for engine bleed air components as it provides excellent heat and flame insulation and continuous performance in high temperatures. 

Aircraft Anti-Icing Systems

During the winter, keeping aircraft free of ice is critical. Even small accumulations of ice can alter the aerodynamic properties of a plane enough to cause serious problems. One method of preventing this is by pre-treating airplanes with heated deicing fluid upon landing and before takeoff. However, pilots may also divert bleed air from the engine to the wings and tail to prevent ice formation mid-flight. The bleed air is hot and pressurized, reaching temperatures between 200–250º C and pressures up to 40 psi. While these levels can damage sensitive components, using RishonX as an insulation or shielding material can protect them during deicing operations. 

Engine Seals

Engine seals regulate the flow of air, combustion gas, and oil lubricant within aircraft and automobile engines to maintain optimal performance. The seals used must be able to hold up to high heat, fast-moving shafts, and volatile chemicals, as well as be self-lubricating with high thermal conductivity. Rishon is an ideal material solution as it has all of these properties and more. 


Plenums are chambers that maintain air at pressure levels that are higher than the surrounding environment. They are used in modern aircraft and automobile engines to regulate the pressure and flow of air entering the compressor, enabling industry professionals to optimize airflow patterns to protect against overheating. Rishon can be used in the manufacture of plenum fittings or insulation to prevent air leaks and maximize operational efficiency.

Thrust Reversers

As suggested by their name, thrust reversers are devices integrated into aircraft engines to reverse or otherwise redirect thrust. During landing operations, they block the flow of exhaust gas—forcing it to move forward or out through cascade vanes—which creates drag to slow the aircraft down after touchdown. They are available in two main types: 

  • Target reversers are also known as clamshell reversers because of their distinctive shape, which opens to redirect thrust forward.
  • Cascade reversers block forward airflow and redirect it through cascade vanes. 

Rishon is an ideal choice for thrust reverser systems thanks to its flexibility, durability, and high-temperature resistance. These qualities allow components made from it to withstand the immense stress experienced as the aircraft comes down to taxiing speed. 

Aircraft Ducting Systems

Aircraft ducting systems direct and redirect airflow throughout planes, which is critical to maintaining air quality, temperature, and other operating conditions. For them to perform effectively, they must be airtight and able to withstand variable temperatures and pressures. As Rishon has all of these characteristics, it is an excellent choice as a construction material for ducting.

Firewall Plumbing

Firewalls separate the engine from the rest of the aircraft to contain flames in case of fire. However, these components cannot be completely solid. Otherwise, there would be no way for the fuel lines to pass into the engine. As such, all fittings must be designed for a completely leak-proof fit, and all seals must be able to prevent the many harmful byproducts of fire, such as smoke and carbon monoxide, from escaping. Additionally, all components of a firewall, including minor fittings, must resist flame penetration for a minimum of 15 minutes. Rishon complies with these requirements. It has been proven to withstand 15 minutes of direct contact with 2000º F flames.

Rishon Solutions From RCF Technologies

At RCF Technologies, our engineers have the knowledge and skills to design and develop custom Rishon product solutions that meet all of our customers’ operational performance needs. By leveraging our high-performance proprietary material and working closely with the customer’s engineering team, we consistently meet and exceed temperature, performance, and service life requirements. 

Whether you have a product design project in the aerospace, automotive, general industrial, marine, or other industry, we can assist you in moving it forward. To learn more about the advantages and applications of Rishon or discuss your project with one of our experts, contact us today.
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