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  • Rishon allows for designs not possible with standard rubbers
  • Every application designed and built for optimal performance
  • The combination of Rishon material coupled with our 125 years’ worth of creative design and engineering expertise will result in innovative solutions for your high temperature applications
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Our Advanced Materials are used in a Variety of Products

  • Seals

    Product Types


    RCF manufactures numerous types of seals, including radial, bulb, “C”, “P” and “D” configurations, and omega, for both static and dynamic applications.

  • Gaskets

    Product Types


    RCF gaskets offer innovative solutions as well as standard products having longer life, more heat resistance, and fire proof capability.

  • Ducting

    Product Types


    Whether using standard convoluted or our proprietary Z-volute design, we can make flexible ducting far easier to install and gain significant improvement in axial motion as well.

  • Insulation

    Product Types


    RCF provides both heat and fire insulation – backside temperatures can be held to under 280 degrees F in under .080″ insulation.

  • Products Electrical Conductivity

    Product Types

    Electrical Conductivity

    While Rishon brand material is completely non-conductive, our parts can easily be made conductive while adding almost no extra weight.

  • Couplings

    Product Types


    RCF metal connectors offer light weight, flexible, easy to install variations. The couplings consist of a housing, two seals, two split rings, and two end caps and offer more axial movement than similar couplings.

  • Speciality Items

    Product Types

    Specialty Items

    RCF is known for its’ innovative design in products such as clamps, isolation mounts, grommets and more.

About Us

RCF Technologies, founded in 1975, is a woman owned, Hubzone certified company, designing and manufacturing components for industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, defense and industrial. Products include seals, gaskets, ducting, machined products, and specialty items. All RCF products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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