Electrically Conductive Products

In the industrial sector, electrically conductive seals and couplings play a critical role in electrical and electronic systems. These components serve two main functions—sealing out external contaminants such as water and dust and blocking electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and radio frequency interference (RFI) produced by the equipment or the surrounding environment. Due to these protective properties, they find application in a wide range of industries shielding sensitive equipment from damage.

At RCF Technologies, we design and manufacture electrically conductive products, including seals and couplings, suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. By using Rishon® – our proprietary non-conducting material—and a specialized technique that converts such materials into an electric conductor, we offer products that are both reliable and lightweight.

Benefits of Conductive Seals and Couplings

Conductive seals and couplings work by filling the gaps between equipment components, effectively preventing contaminants—both physical and signal-based—from entering or exiting the equipment enclosure. In doing so, they offer several benefits to industry professionals, such as:

  • Better equipment/system performance. As conductive seals and couplings block EMI/ESD/RFI from entering and/or exiting the equipment, they minimize the risk of crosstalk. This phenomenon refers to the unwanted transmission or interference of signals from one program/communication channel to a nearby channel.
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs. By preventing contaminants from entering electronic and electrical equipment, seals and couplings reduce the amount of damage the internal components accrue over time. This quality allows for less frequent repair and maintenance operations, resulting in lower overall repair and maintenance costs.
  • Longer service lives for equipment. The protective properties of seals and couplings also reduce the risk of premature degradation of internal components, leading to longer service lives for equipment.

Benefits of Conductive Seals and Couplings

Making Rishon Conductive

At RCF Technologies, our proprietary material—Rishon—offers several advantages, including:

  • Flexibility comparable to rubber
  • Large operating temperature range from -170° F to 850° F
  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal insulation

Making Rishon Conductive
Although this material is normally non-conductive, it can easily be made conductive by incorporating a new technology that does not significantly affect material weight. Once the material is conductive, it can be used to manufacture a wide range of electrically conductive parts for use in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Marine

Industries Where Conductive Material Can Be Used

Electrically Conductive Products From RCF Technologies

At RCF Technologies, we design and manufacture a wide range of products from our proprietary material—Rishon. The material combines the properties of fabrics and elastomers, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. By using new technology to enhance the materials’ conductivity without increasing its weight, it finds use in the manufacture of even more products.

To learn more about how we leverage Rishon to create a variety of electrically conductive products, contact us today.
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