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What Can Be Expected When Buying Handmade Products?

What Can Be Expected When Buying Customized and Handmade Products?


Side by side photos of hands of RCF Technologies worker working on orange circular part, next to hands of artisan working on orange circular clay pot

Customization vs. Handmade

The concept of customization has been adopted by many businesses over the last few decades. It was incorporated to promote exclusivity. Customized products were a status symbol, a vehicle to make consumers with massive budgets feel special.

Handmade products, on the other hand, have been available forever! And when we think of buying handmade products, we rarely think of large corporations like those who have embraced customization.

When we imagine “handmade products” we envision:

  • One-of-a-kind items
  • Personalized products
  • Home-made goods
  • Unique finds not available anywhere else
  • Intricate designs
  • Pieces of art
  • Beautiful objects

Manufacturing businesses, making industrial components like high-temperature seals, ducting, gaskets, and connectors/couplings are not usually the types of makers you would associate with handmade treasures.

But there is a place where these two worlds overlap most extraordinarily: RCF Technologies.

Side by side photo. hands in blue gloves working on component RCF Technologies part and artisans hand working on pottery piece

5 Benefits of Customized Handmade Products

Whether you are an individual looking for a beautifully hand-crafted artistic creation like a personalized, hand-carved, wooden chess set or an engineer looking for a custom-built, high-temperature solution to a design challenge where no off-the-shelf product exists, you really want the same things!

  1. Excellent quality
  2. Custom built to your needs
  3. Personalized attention
  4. A human contact who is accessible and available
  5. A partner who is equally invested in a beautifully produced outcome

Side by side photos of hands of RCF Technologies worker taking orange Rishon part out of square mold and artisan hands working on a painting in square frame

When you buy directly from the person who creates your handmade item, you know you are going to get exactly what you want.

YOU KNOW at any point in the process, you can pick up the phone and connect directly with the person making your piece!

YOU KNOW when you speak directly to the maker, any questions you have will be answered, because the maker knows their product inside out and will be able to give you the best advice.

YOU KNOW that you will get to partner directly with the maker at every step of the design. You will be able to discuss the particulars and benefit from the professional expertise and experience of the maker so that the final product is a piece of art that will be exactly as you want it both in form and function.

YOU KNOW that your product was made with personalized care, attention, and love. While you are going to receive an item that meets print perfectly, each is also personally checked and inspected by individuals who care about the quality of what they make.

YOU KNOW you are dealing directly with the boss, not a call center employee whose bosses’ boss surely doesn’t know your name or care about your individual needs.

YOU KNOW you are not another number, buying another widget.

YOU KNOW you are a valued individual who will be treated with respect.

YOU KNOW you will be the proud recipient of a product that was designed and developed just for you. A product that meets your specific needs.

Side by side photos of RCF Technologies worker working on a spool of Rishon material and a woman artisan working on a loom

Why Customized Handmade Products Are Better

There is no doubt that a product made by hand will be better in all sense of design and workmanship.

At RCF Technologies, each of our clients receives handcrafted solutions which are uniquely personalized, designed, and manufactured with attention and care at a competitive price.

EACH of our clients can tap into our teams’ more than 137 years of combined industry experience.

EACH of our clients is guaranteed expert design collaboration resulting in customized solutions that will not only meet their needs but will have been built to help them achieve their desired optimal performance.

EACH of our clients knows that we are trusted partners, with documented success and have been serving industry leaders like Sikorsky, GE, Bell, Honeywell, Boeing, and others for more than 45 years.

If you would like to discuss your customized handmade solution, please contact us at RCF Technologies today!

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