Elastomer-integrated Composite Grows High-temperature Application Options

RCF Technologies (Vidalia, Ga., U.S.) produces a material called Rishon, an elastomer that integrates the capabilities of rubber into composites. In short, Rishon combines the properties of fabrics and elastomers into a single, homogeneous product. Including RCF’s proprietary elastomer through the weave of a fabric achieves a novel material with distinctive properties. For example, Rishon […]

RCF Technologies Logo. Airplane flying in cloudy sky. Reducing Vibration.

Reducing Vibration

Vibration is an inescapable variable in aerospace. Airplane parts can only handle so much fatigue before they begin to degrade or fail. The longevity of instruments and avionics, landing gear, baffling, engine mounts, and even the airframe itself can be drastically impacted by the presence of excess vibration. click here for video The Impact of […]

Major leak between two pipes because of gasket failure

Solving the Two Most Common Problems with High Temperature Gaskets

Gaskets play a crucial role in maintaining a secure seal between connected parts or surfaces, preventing fluid leaks and energy transfer. However, when it comes to high temperature applications, gaskets face two primary challenges: compression set due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and extrusion or blow out caused by high pressure. Below, we will […]

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The aerospace supply chain is quite complex. This should come as no surprise given that there are between 2 and 6 million parts that must be assembled in order to successfully build various types of aircraft. With so many components and materials involved, each supplier must fulfill its role in order to achieve the final […]

What Can Be Expected When Buying Handmade Products?

What Can Be Expected When Buying Customized and Handmade Products? BY PAULIE ROSE Customization vs. Handmade The concept of customization has been adopted by many businesses over the last few decades. It was incorporated to promote exclusivity. Customized products were a status symbol, a vehicle to make consumers with massive budgets feel special. Handmade products, […]

High Temp, Fireproof, Flexible Material: Rishon® vs. Rubber

Rubber Rubber is an essential material used in several industries. Rubber has played an important role throughout the development of human civilization and continues to be of great importance today.  The use of rubber is so significant that the global market size of rubber stood at USD 40.77 Billion in 2019 and is projected to […]

Thirty-one Georgia Companies Receive 2020 GLOBE Awards, Four Recognized as Exporters of the Year

ATLANTA, December 3, 2020 —The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) today announced its International Trade division’s 2020 GLOBE Award recipients. This state-led awards program highlights Georgia companies that entered new international markets in the previous year. During calendar year 2019, GLOBE winners from 17 counties across Georgia collectively entered 75 new international markets. “Success […]

RCF Intro Video

RCF Technologies President and CEO, Diane Zimnavado, discusses our proprietary material, Rishon®.

Product Lines: Seals

Learn more about RCF Technologies first product line, seals, from President Diane Zimnavoda.

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Gaskets from RCF Technologies have a wide range of capabilities and adjustments that can be made to fit your needs. Learn more about them from President Diane Zimnavoda.